In life; if it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right, and if you want to get ahead in life then you must invest in yourself.  Think about our top performing athletes in Australia, Olympians, Footballers, Racing Car Drivers, the list goes on.  What do they all have in common?  They all want to be the best, they all want to win and – they all have a coach!

Clear and Defined Goals –

Working with an athlete can be a massive challenge and any coach that has done this can attest to it.  From helping their clients to achieve their record times, set goals, check in with their mental health and make sure they are getting the right dietary advice, sleep and rest.  By setting clear and defined goals an athlete’s coach is able to help grow their athlete to be a winner in their field.

Achieving Results –

A “plan” is just the starting point.  Once the right ratio of the formula above is achieved is the time to stick to the plan and push.  Push forward and strive for your goals.  Test what is working, drop what isn’t… plan to be a little better, a little stronger each day until you achieve and exceed your goals.  For some athletes these goals can be 4 years in the making if not longer for an Olympian!  But how do you stay on track for such a long time…?  How do you remain accountable?

Long-Term Focus –

Long-term focus is required to keep on track and to keep you accountable to your plan.  Whilst you are busy working with the plan, your coach is looking over your shoulder and just gently guiding you in the right direction making sure that you keep moving forward and keep reaching for your goals whilst identifying any roadblocks they see in the path ahead.  It is the coaches responsibility to mitigate any “blips on the radar,” and in the event that you do fall off the rails to help pick you back up and get you back on track again.

Athletic Fitness vs Financial Fitness –

So, if our elite athletes believe coaches, planning and focus are key to their peak performance then why don’t we?  Why don’t we engage in financial experts to guide us towards a prosperous future?

Did you know that as of May 2018 that as little as 1.96 million Australians have used a financial planner/advisor?  That is less than 10% of the population!  (9.7% actually…!!).  Why do so many Australians feel that “she’ll be right,” and when the shit hits the fan wonder what happened…?

The good news for you is that you don’t need to wait until its too late!  We work with clients all the time who have never worked with a money coach, a financial planner or even an accountant!  Some come to us at the right time and we can work amazing results with a clear plan and focus throughout their program.  Some, sadly come to us at the point of no return and we must refer them onto other businesses as we cannot help them.

The Adelaide Budgeting Difference –

So… what makes Adelaide Budgeting different?  With a wealth of experience, we can quickly identify where you can make savings in your plan.  We can identify overspending, where you can get a better deal on your utilities and insurances, when to involve an accountant, mortgage broker or a financial planner (and provide a warm introduction to them where applicable), reduce overall household running costs, help you pay all of your bills on-time and increase your savings margin.  We have strong knowledge of bank account structures and making your money work for you by implementing strategies that assist you in paying your mortgage off sooner.  WE HELP YOU TO KEEP MORE OF YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY IN YOUR OWN POCKET.

Our first appointment will always remain 100% free and if you want to work with us following our first appointment you will be offered to work with us – NOT sold to, NOT pressured to, simply invited.  We love the real results we are achieving with our clients, but our clients MUST have the want and need for positive change in their lives.

If you have the need, the must and the want then we have the simplicity, ease and strategy to help you get ahead today.  Want to know more?  Book your first appointment with us.  No fear, no pressure and nothing to lose!  Experience the Adelaide Budgeting difference today.

At Adelaide Budgeting we are a small and passionate team dedicated to making budgeting simple, easy and fun.  We love working with clients to help them restore confidence, clarity and CONTROL with their cashflow.

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“An effective budget is knowing which numbers belong where; and what the values of these numbers are to make the magic in your life happen…”


ANDREW MATES is the director, money coach and operator of Adelaide Budgeting and has always had a keen interest in numbers and the philosophy of succeeding financially in a world full of consumerism.  Andrew is a valued member of the team and is passionate about education and empowerment around finance and providing people with the confidence to successfully manage their own finances.  Equipped with a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking (but not a broker), Andrew and his team can work with you to create a budget plan and savings strategy that is second to none which will see you kicking goals and doing the things you want to do but never thought you could!

In between helping clients and working on strategies, Andrew also enjoys walking on the beach, playing with Lilly his Labrador and road trips with his wife Alyssa.