Is Winning Cross Lotto The Only Plan For Your Financial Future?

One thing is clear… people want more money!  More, more and more…

When the cross lotto announces biggest win-pool ever of 100+ something million dollars to be won, people seem to lose their minds!  The local newsagent has queues out the front that stretch for what seems like forever and people mindlessly purchase their ticket hoping for a win!  It doesn’t matter that the odds of winning are 1 in 292 million 301 thousand and 3 hundred and 38!  If you keep playing maybe you will win one day, but the sad truth is that not many people actually do win, and those that do say that money has ruined their life.  I find it so perplexing that the human condition seeks more, more, more…. without thinking simply and strategically.

Did you know that 76.2% of the population play the lotto, 22% purchase instant scratchies, and 14.3% bet on horse racing, whilst less than 10% have actively sought advice from a financial planner and have a financial plan in place for their future?

Think about it…  If you want to increase your income and have more money would you rather become a mindless zombie and line up for the lotto each week like sheep being led to pasture hoping that one day you will win, or… could you put a simple plan to action that works for you, increasing your income, each and every week?

If you picked option 2 then the good news is you can start straight away and we guarantee you could save more in a year than you do on your weekly lotto!  Imagine if you put away what you spend on lotto each week into an online account, or even a high interest account.  What if you put double that amount in each week… how much do you think that money would grow?  Best of all, the money is still yours which means it will be there for you when you need it, not in the bottomless and endless pit of the lotto.

So how do you increase your income…?  Well it all starts with something far less attractive than the lotto, far less shiny and what people sometimes find as boring… it’s a BUDGET!  To start working on your budget, work out what your expenses are for every single thing you spend money on.  Think about your annual, quarterly and monthly expenses alongside your commitment of mortgage, credit cards and personal debt repayments.  Consider how much you spend each week on groceries, pub meals or going out… work this all out over a period of 12 months and look at your net income for the same period.  Then use the simple formula.

Money Tip #1 – Income less expenses = savings!  Aim for a minimum of 10% savings.

For most people the budgeting process can be enlightening, overwhelming, frustrating, scary, tedious and boring.  Well, budgets aren’t sexy – but what they can do for you and your life is!  Imagine being able to have an overseas holiday once every year with your family.  All it takes is simple steps, understanding your expenses, knowing where to cut back, organizing your life and enjoying delayed gratification.  No more AfterPay, no more ZipPay, just a simple and wholesome life.

If you are having difficulty in saving money then consider this… If somebody gave you $50.00 now and said you could spend it on whatever you want, but if you didn’t spend it you would get $100.00 in 1 months time would you spend or would you save?

You will be amazed what an effective budget can do for you and your household!

When it comes to lotto our simple advice is this – Instead of asking for a pay rise, a hand out, or hoping one day to “win the lotto,” simply consider what you can do right now to keep more of your money in your pocket and achieve your financial goals with ease.  To budget, you don’t need to line up anywhere, you can do it in the comfort of your own home, and the power of your future is in your own hands.  You will find that if you stick to the plan you will find you can amass thousands of extra dollars that you have always been putting your hand out for…. and it’s all within your control!

Don’t rely on others to line your palms with extra cash…. step up and take responsibility of your own lifestyle commitments.  This is YOUR life and YOUR future!!

Winning “The Lotto” is not the key for a successful financial future… If you want to get ahead then spend the time investing in yourself and speak with professionals that can get you to where you want to be!

At Adelaide Budgeting we are a small and passionate team dedicated to making budgeting simple, easy and fun.  We love working with clients to help them restore confidence, clarity and CONTROL with their cashflow.

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“An effective budget is knowing which numbers belong where; and what the values of these numbers are to make the magic in your life happen…”


ANDREW MATES is the director, money coach and operator of Adelaide Budgeting and has always had a keen interest in numbers and the philosophy of succeeding financially in a world full of consumerism.  Andrew is a valued member of the team and is passionate about education and empowerment around finance and providing people with the confidence to successfully manage their own finances.  Equipped with a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking (but not a broker), Andrew and his team can work with you to create a budget plan and savings strategy that is second to none which will see you kicking goals and doing the things you want to do but never thought you could!

In between helping clients and working on strategies, Andrew also enjoys walking on the beach, playing with Lilly his Labrador and road trips with his wife Alyssa.