Corona: COVID-19

How To Survive The Imminent Threat Of A Global Pandemic

Rather than adapting a mantra of “the world is ending” or “the sky is falling” and stocking up on toilet paper due to the imminent threat of corona virus, we thought we would take an approach of humour that still provides a modicum of helpful information.  There is so much mis-information and fear being spread about the “global pandemic” and imminent destruction about our way of life that most people are not thinking straight as the media manipulates our mindset…

Beware – We are all going to die!  It is the sole purpose of our experience as part of the human race that we are born and that we die… once we address the elephant in the room and take a deep breath (but do not cough) we can ground ourselves and move forward.

People are losing their minds

When the very essence of life becomes threatened, people become fickle and do what ever they can to protect their way of life.  What is the reason people are stockpiling toilet paper?  Is it because one person sneezes, and a hundred others shit themselves?  It doesn’t make sense, yet the recent corona virus has seen people arrested in shops, fighting over toilet paper at Woolies and Coles and people in general losing their minds!

We live in an uncertain age where the potential of a global meltdown hits reality.  With reliance on China and imported products from China in our construction industry… it begs the question.  What happens when supply stops?  Builders cannot progress their works, workers have zero product to work with, and everything grinds to a halt.  Corona will have a ripple effect that WILL affect you, and will affect the global economy.  Corona fallout will be felt by EVERYBODY.

Think about the process of building… you need:

  • Suppliers to manufacture product.
  • Purchasing officers to purchase the product.
  • Logistics and warehousing staff to hold, store, and distribute the goods.
  • Internal admin staff to process invoices from the sales.
  • Builders in business winning contracts to build the projects.
  • Trades to keep the project moving forward
  • Finance (as in lending and banks) funding the process.

And many more links in the chain to make it all happen… So, what happens when the project stalls?  Logistics staff are laid off, builders go bust as they cannot receive progress payments without progress, trades will struggle to find work…. And the inevitability – mass lay-offs due to a little virus.

Let’s look at the facts…

People will lose their jobs, the economy will be hit hard, life will change, but then…. Everything goes back to normal.  So how do you prepare yourself for the “unknown” part in-between?

1- Prepare yourself with extra funds should you need to quarantine yourself and your family for up to 2 weeks.  Consider boosting your savings so that you could cover at least 2 months of your annual salary.  Little things like packing lunch or selling unwanted items can really help you to generate long-term savings.

2- If you are well, and can give more in your day work a little extra if you can.  Extra funds can be put away should the need arise that you are unable to work for an extended period of time.

3- Utilise technology when comes to meetings with other professionals and/or working.  Can you work from home?  Can you utilise Skype or Zoom for meetings with your boss or other co-workers?

4- Consider the reality of a job loss.  What reality would this have for your family and your way of life?  How would a job loss affect you tomorrow if you are not prepared?  All the more reason to have a clear and concise plan in place.

5- Avoid large crowds, and network only if you must.

6- When it comes to investments, consider what your opportunities may be in shares and investments!  What goes down, must come up and vice versa… don’t forget to also consider property.  Always speak with the accredited experts in their fields.

Global, life changing events like this leave many people with an overwhelming sense of uncertainty, especially with our finances.  Financial overwhelm is evident in panic buying, and people really not knowing what to do to protect themselves.  We suggest, take a step back approach, look at what you need, map out a plan, and if you need help with your “doomsday prepping,” then have a chat to us.  We are available to meet via Zoom or face to face if you prefer and would love to help you prepare for the worst and the best days of your life!

If all else fails go and grab a nice cold Corona, kick back with a few chicken wings and let this whole thing blow over….

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In between helping clients and working on strategies, Andrew also enjoys walking on the beach, playing with Lilly his Labrador and road trips with his wife Alyssa.