Budgeting Presentation – Collaborating with Impact Adelaide West

July 6th 2019, Adelaide Budgeting proudly collaborated with Impact Adelaide West and conducted our first ever free budgeting seminar.  28 people filled the room hungry and thirsty for knowledge with the topic of “Knowing your numbers and the importance of budgeting…”  It came about due to the fact that Impact Adelaide West and Adelaide Budgeting share a common goal; helping people with financial literacy and there is a real need in the local community to support education within this space.

We had a blast as did Impact and as did the clientele in the room!

Covering such topics as do you know your numbers with a live budget to complete through to purchasing your first car; the true cost of owning a car; purchasing property and instant gratification.  The event was a huge success!

It wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing help and support from Jacqueline Anderson, Sue Thiele and Olivia Franov of Impact Adelaide West.  Ladies, thankyou very much for allowing us to enter your network and bring others from outside your network in.  We look forward to working  with you again in the very near future!

What took a little under 3 months to organise was seamlessly presented within 2 hours.  Great content; great people; great results and amazing outcomes.  There was a little laughter, some gasps and some really great content shared on the day.

Feedback on the day:

  • “The importance of budgeting!! To actually budget and put it all on paper.  I loved the real-life examples and the authenticity of the feedback and advice.  It was personal and genuine.”
  • “The presentation from Adelaide Budgeting made me aware of money I am spending, which I don’t need to. It helped me to know how to budget my money better especially being a student with not much income.  The presenters were clear and it was presented well.”
  • “Careful where you withdraw your money and digital footprints bad and good. We have never used UberEats, OpenPay, ZipPay, AfterPay etc and not going to now!”
  • “Insight into AfterPay and ZipPay was extremely useful. I have never been sure about using services like this but now I am informed and can make better decisions with my budget than trying things that seem helpful but are actually detrimental.”
  • “The importance of simplicity and the truth about AfterPay as well as tap and go.”
  • “For your first event you guys did a great job ?. Congratulations!  I would however consider removing the part where people fill in their own numbers for 15-20 minutes as I don’t think people came prepared knowing that data.  Maybe just spend 5 minutes running through the categories to get people thinking about their spending habits.

Just touching on this last point… the reason Andrew Mates (Adelaide Budgeting) decided to do an exercise around “knowing your numbers” and to run a live budget was to emphasise a point.  People don’t know their numbers!

From the 28 in the room we believe only one person completed their budget plan.  OMG!!  Our presentation expanded on the grounds of decision making and knowing your numbers.  So, if you didn’t know your numbers at a base level, then how can you make a decision to enter a loan for a car, for a house…?  People spend blindly and it puts them into debt.  Adelaide Budgeting are so passionate about “knowing your numbers” because it is the starting point for all your financial decision making.

Sorry that you think we should remove this part from the presentation, but we feel its in the right spot.  It does make people feel uncomfortable and squirm because when they realise they can’t fill it out and that’s kind of the point we were going for ?.

Do you know your numbers…?

At Adelaide Budgeting we are a small and passionate team dedicated to making budgeting simple, easy and fun.  We love working with clients to help them restore confidence, clarity and CONTROL with their cashflow.

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“An effective budget is knowing which numbers belong where; and what the values of these numbers are to make the magic in your life happen…”


ANDREW MATES is the director, money coach and operator of Adelaide Budgeting and has always had a keen interest in numbers and the philosophy of succeeding financially in a world full of consumerism.  Andrew is a valued member of the team and is passionate about education and empowerment around finance and providing people with the confidence to successfully manage their own finances.  Equipped with a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking (but not a broker), Andrew and his team can work with you to create a budget plan and savings strategy that is second to none which will see you kicking goals and doing the things you want to do but never thought you could!

In between helping clients and working on strategies, Andrew also enjoys walking on the beach, playing with Lilly his Labrador and road trips with his wife Alyssa.