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Our Story

Written by Andrew Mates

Founded in 2018, Adelaide Budgeting is a culmination of business and a love story founded in South Australia.  Over the last 10 years we can tell you that we have been through it all!!  So let’s start from the beginning…

Like all good stories, it all starts with love. Alyssa and Andrew, met in 2009, married in 2012 and forged the strongest bond you could ever imagine.  We are a Husband and Wife team in business and in life and are proud South Australians.

During the last 10 years our lives have been a roller coaster when it came to finance.  Alyssa had to stop her career due to spending each and every single day alongside her beautiful dying mum, caring for her and looking after her.  As the stress pushed Alyssa to breaking point, I stepped away from my career to support Alyssa; both without a steady income at the time.  I picked up jobs here and there and in doing so we found that our income became very sporadic and very difficult to manage.  Life became very stressful; weight gain for the both of us and psychology appointments filled our weeks.  The stress was not just financial, but stress on the relationship, stress on family, stress on losing our careers, stress on life, and stress on everything – especially cashflow!

To overcome this very stressful time, and not happy with the current budgeting providers on the market as they couldn’t help us (and we didn’t like their ethos or fees!), we decided to create our own budget to predict and manage our personal cashflow.  By doing this we were able to understand where we needed to be, who needed to be paid and by when, and what our core focus and priorities were.  We were going to make the light at the end of the tunnel a positive experience and not that of a freight train.

By going through the process, and living in the very stressful moments we were able to generate a personal solution for ourselves that reduced the stress on our finances and increased the happiness in our relationship and our careers.  As we were reducing the stress and easing peace back into our lives we were able to manage our financial obligations and pick up the pieces to move forward in a very simple and easy way.

The solution we provide is EASY and affordable and we want to share it with you.

Coming out the other side of the chaos we now have experienced subdivision, demolishing property, building and funding an investment property, managing tenants, spending $10k+ on fighting a builder with zero accountability and zero care to fix defects, restored a 1910 cottage by the coast (still working on this one!), dealt with brokers, restructured loans, studied Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking and discovered a wonderous love for property.

After the stresses of family and employment we had the opportunity to become business owners and share our solution with our clients; people just like us looking to manage their cashflow in a better way.  With these skills and so much more up our arsenal we know we can deliver a solution that works for you each and every single time.  Best of all we can now share this personal solution with you.

We hear you, we hear your stresses, we understand you and best of all we are here to help you!

If you can relate to our story and want to know more, send us an enquiry and get in touch today.

Andrew & Alyssa Mates
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